Professional graphic design solutions for all your advertising and marketing needs

Design Services

Studio Design is a full-service graphic design agency located in the Pacific Palisades and serving the greater Los Angeles area. Studio Design, founded in 2004, is well versed in a broad spectrum of design — from traditional print media to an online presence via social media marketing and web design. Studio Design offers comprehensive design solutions, from concept to completion, and a collaborative approach which will bring your vision to life.

Branding and Logo

Distinguish your business and rise above your competition. Your company or business should inspire confidence in customers and convey a professionalism of services and products. Studio Design can assist you to create that brand that sets you apart from your competition. This is a tried and tested course to success that is simple yet effective. At Studio Design we strive for the satisfaction of a job well done and a happy client. We will provide you with unique designs tailored to meet your goals.  

Social Media Promotion

Social Media outlets can potentially send thousands of viewers to your website, effectively increasing your sales. Never overlook the power of quality viral content on the internet – as it’s one of the best ways to boost brand recognition and popularity is through social media sites and beyond. A focused, well-constructed and designed Facebook page, Twitter account, or Pinterest page can attract viewers, thereby bringing maximum attention to your website and business. Studio Design can assist in creating that content and narrative with a clear visual representation, providing complex ideas and information in a matter of seconds.

Banner Ads

Banner Ads are one of the most strategic methods to promote and advertise your online presence, whether it's pay per click (PPC) or impressions on popular websites. Exposure to targeted content is fast becoming one of the internet's best methods to get your message to your audience. Studio Design can help create and place those ads for you, at a budget that is appropriate for your marketing campaign.

Email Marketing

Once your company has built it's brand, audience and customer base — what then? Communicating with these audiences is a way to keep your business in front of them and retain interest, while introducing news, sales, products etc. With a dedicated and personalized email marketing campaign, you can effectively convey your message, track responses and successfully promote your website and business.

Print Design

Often thought of as old-fashioned or out-of-place in our interactive world, printed materials continue to communicate with audiences in ways online advertising just cannot match. Current studies continue to show print as a very effective piece of a total marketing campaign. Whether brochure, flyer, pamphlet, or door-hanger, print offers ways to get out your message at extremely reasonable pricing, thanks in part to the advent of digital printing. Business cards, stationery, letterhead and envelopes will always strongly support the branding of your business.

Promotional Products

Many opportunities exist for distinctive and exciting promotions that can capture the imagination and attention of potential customers. Studio Design has years of experience providing design and production of myriad promotional pieces for our clients, and has the resources to see a project through from concept to completion.

Signage and Displays

Whether billboards or kiosk displays, signage is an instrumental element of most business models. Studio Design prides itself on producing successful, winning and results-oriented signage campaigns for many of our clients.